Thirteen Landscapers Recognized for Ten Years of Dedication to Sustainability

December 14, 2011

Contact: Kristiane Huber                                                                                       

 Thirteen Landscapers Recognized for Ten Years of Dedication to Sustainability

 The Northeast Organic Farming Association’s Organic Land Care Program (NOFA OLC) recently honored thirteen Accredited Organic Land Care Professionals (AOLCPs) for their dedication to organic principles, with a decade spent as an accredited organic land care professional.    Donald Bishop, Debra Claffey, Joe Cotter, Todd Harrington, Sarah Holland, Anna Mayor, Adaela McLaughlin, Michael Murray, Daniel Nadeau, Michael Nadeau, Dori Smith, Daniel Tremblay and Priscilla Williams first took the Organic Land Care Program’s Accreditation Course in 2001, earning their accreditation for 2002.  As members of the first group to ever be accredited, they are true pioneers of the organic land care movement.

 Accreditation has allowed these landscapers to offer their customers the option to “go organic” at home.  Potential health threats linked to pesticide exposure along with greater awareness of lawn chemicals’ potential to contaminate soil and water sources have led more people than ever before to seek organic land care services. Ecological practices are safer for families and the environment, but require a comprehensive understanding of the small-scale ecology of the yard, the biological processes within the soil, and an awareness of how land care practices affect the greater environment. 

 In order to become accredited, land care professionals must attend the NOFA Accreditation Course in Organic Land Care, an intensive 30-hour course to learn about the ecological principles of land management, and then pass the accreditation exam.  AOLCPs pledge to provide organic land care services according to the NOFA Standards in Organic Land Care. Organic land care replaces chemical management with practices that enhance natural processes, such as using compost and planting native species in order to restore the ecological balance of designed landscapes.

 The NOFA Organic Land Care program is deeply appreciative of the dedication and leadership of our first AOCLPs. By implementing organic land care principles and practices, they have helped the organic land care movement grow widely to now include over 550 Accredited Organic Land Care Professionals.