Product Lists

The NOFA OLC program does not endorse, approve, nor certify any particular product or brand.

Baystate Organic Certifiers has just begun to maintain a list of products in the Northeast that have been carefully reviewed and found to be consistent with the NOFA OLC Standards for Organic Land Care, 5th edition. To submit a product for review, please contact Baystate directly at They are located in N.Dighton, MA.  
Updated as of April 2014.

Organic Landscaping Product List

Baystate Organic Certifiers has found the following products to meet the NOFA Standards for Organic Land Care: Practices for Design and Maintenance of Ecological Landscapes, 5th edition, for landscaping.

To view and download Baystate's 2014 list of approved Organic Landscaping Products click HERE


Other Product and Material Lists

The following sites offer lists of products and materials that are likely to be consistent with the NOFA Standards for Organic Land Care, Practice for Design and Mainteance of Ecological Landscapes, 5th edition:

United States Department of Agriculture
National Organic Program (NOP)
Room 4008 South Building
1400 Independence Ave., SW
Washington, CD 205250
Agricultural Product list

Organic Materials Research Institute (OMRI)
Box 11558
Eugene, OR 97440
Product list

Society for Organic Urban Land Care
P.O. Box 8548
Victoria, BC
V8W 1L4 Canada
Materials list

Product Sources

Baystate Organic Certifiers
1220 Cedarwood Circle
N. Dighton, MA 02764
Agricultural Product list

Grassroots Healthy Lawn Program
52 Main St
Port Washington, NY 11050
Supplier list