NOFA/Mass Organic Gardening Day, 10 Locations, MA

NOFA/Mass Organic Gardening Workshop Day

10 locations in Massachusetts

This Spring, just as it comes time to plant the garden, NOFA/Mass presents its third annual Statewide Spring Organic Gardening Day. On April 10, there will be organic gardening workshops in every region of the state. Growing our own food is an excellent way to save money, lessen our carbon footprint, improve our health, and connect with neighbors and nature. Isn't now a good time to learn skills that will help you plant a garden and make it productive throughout the year?

These workshops are all led by experienced gardening educators, and they are intended to meet the tremendous resurgence of energy and action for backyard and community gardening. In addition to explaining and demonstrating some key steps that can empower to you start your own garden, these workshops provide a great opportunity for you to ask questions. Whether you are a complete newcomer to gardening or you just feel that you could use some brushing up on growing skills and concepts, these workshops are for you.
Topics that will be covered at these workshops:
    •    Starting garden beds
    •    Seed Starting
    •    Organic soil fertility
    •    Organic soil amendments
    •    Mulches and cover crops
    •    Weeds, disease and pests
    •    What to plant when
    •    Crop spacing
    •    Succession cropping


$30. NOFA membership discount: $5. Early registration (by March 27, 2010) discount: $5, through the NOFA/Mass website,

Or Contact: Ben Grosscup, 413-658-5374. By email,; put "April 10" in subject.



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April 10, 2010