Organic Lawn Care For Your Home, Hillsborough, NJ

NOFA - NJ Organic Lawn Care For Your Home

7 pm to 9:30 pm
Duke Farms Coach Barn
80 Route 206 South
Hillsborough, NJ 08844

Are you tired of seeing those flags on your lawn after your lawn care provider is finished?   The NOFA-NJ Organic Lawn and Land Care Class is your answer!  Not only will you be equipped to have a convincing conversation with your land care provider about ensuring the safety of your yard, your family and your environment but you will be able you start your own
organic lawn care program.
This workshop, taught by accredited organic landscaping professionals will educate homeowners on why organic land care is important and will provide the information and tools needed to transition from conventional land care to organic or to deepen an already existing organic land care practice. It will go into detail about why an organic land care program is important for the health of your family, your land and the environment.

One of the most harmful practices in conventional lawn and land care is the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.  There is growing evidence of the hazards associated with long-term use of synthetic pesticides, both to humans and the environment. Equally, chemicals used in lawn and garden care do not stay where they are applied. They can be carried into houses and cars on shoes and paws.  Without exposure to sunlight and water, they break down very slowly and can remain in carpets, on toys and in dust bunnies for any months.  Rainwater washes them down streets and storm drains to streams, wetlands, lakes and oceans. Rainwater soaking into the ground carries fertilizers and pesticides into ground water, contaminating wells and aquifers. Pesticides absorbed by plants or insects can accumulate in the food chain as birds, fish, other wildlife, and people feed on the
contaminated organisms.  But there is an alternative and this class will teach you how to have a beautiful lawn that is chemical-free. 

NOFA-NJ offers this class in its on-going mission to promote organic agriculture of all  kinds in New Jersey.  May 11, 2010, Tuesday, from 7pm—9:30 pm at Duke Farm Coach Barn, 80 Route 206 South, Hillsborough, NJ.   Pre-registration required $40/person. Register on-line at:

May 11, 2010