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August 2008

Greetings from Accreditation Manger!
Pest Alert: Asian Longhorned Beetle
Online Guide to Organic Land Care
New Credit Opportunities
NOFA & AOLCPs in the News
Also of Interest


Greetings from New Accreditation Manager!

Hello everyone,
I am honored and excited to be a part of the NOFA Organic Land Care Program. I
look forward to working and learning with all of you.
Originally from central Connecticut, I moved to Vermont to attend the University
of Vermont, graduating with a B.S. in Community & International Development.
I have worked on a number of projects regarding current land use issues for organizations
such as the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, the Vermont Council on Rural Development,
and the Champlain Islands Farmers' Market Association. I also played a key role
in the creation of a farmers' market in my hometown; Berlin, CT.
My main role will be to act as the primary channel of communication between the
NOFA OLC program and the NOFA accredited professionals. If you have any questions
regarding courses you would like to be reviewed for continuing education credits
or have any other questions regarding accreditation, feel free to contact me!
Page Czepiga

Pest Alert: Asian Longhorned Beetle found in Massachusetts!

The UMASS extension agency reported that the Asian Longhorned Beetle has been positively
identified in the northeast sector of Worcester, MA.
The beetles cause damage by tunneling within the trunks and branches of
trees, disrupting the sap flow and weakening and eventually killing
them. UMASS reports: "This pest attacks a wide variety of hardwood trees, particularly
maples, and is considered a serious threat to the nursery, lumber, wood
products, maple syrup, and tourism industries in our state. If it
became established over a large area, it could also significantly
disrupt the forest ecosystem."

It goes on to report that "Affected trees will be cut down and either chipped or
burned in the regulated area. This will not begin until after the first hard frost
kills any remaining adult beetles. To take trees down before the hard frost risks
spreading the infestation. This is a sound practice, as adult beetles tend to stay
on the same tree unless that tree is severely infested."
Because the majority of the beetle's lifespan is spent deep within the heartwood
of host trees, it is a difficult pest to control. When planting yard or ornamental
trees, homeowners are being urged to plant varieties that the beetle does not prefer.

To download a fact sheet about the beetle click here.
To report sightings of the beetle click here.
To view the UMASS issued report click here.

Online Guide to Organic Land Care!

The guide to Organic Lawncare is now online! Search for AOLCPs by state & county
as well as view the services each offers and their contact information. Click here
to view it! If you notice any errors, send an email to page@ctnofa.org with
"website corrections" in the subject line along with the website URL
and a correction or description of the problem.

NOFA Credit Opportunities

Compost Workshop for Municipal Turf Managers:

How to use this valuable resource to improve athletic fields
Sponsored by CT DEP & CT NOFA
Date: September 25th
Time: 7:30 to 11:30
Location: CT Agricultural Experiment Station
New Haven, CT
Save the date! Detailed agenda and registration information to come!

Environmental Friendly Fall Gardening (for the home owner)

Techniques and practical methods that emphasize Natural Input of successful gardening
with reduced pesticides & fertilizers; taught by Rick Stecher, CT Master Gardener
and expert organic gardener
Date: Every Monday from 9/22/08 and will run for the next 6 Mondays with the exception
of Columbus Day holiday
Time: 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Location: Norwalk Community College, Room W230
Cost: $75
Credits: 2 AOLCP Credits
Topics Covered Include:
-The dangers and pit falls of "conventional" chemical gardening practices
-How to "transition" to an organic steward
-General yard maintenance, lawn care, garden bed preparation, planting techniques,
pruning, shrubs & trees, and autumn plant selection & location
-Disease, insect, & weed control
-Beneficial insects & other helpful organisms
To register: www.ncc.commnet.edu click on "Extended Studies" from the top menu, search for classes, and type in Environmental-Friendly

August -October:
August 21:NOFA Organic Lawn & Turf Course
Manchester, CT
August 27:UMASS Weed Identification Workshop
Amherst, MA
September 17:Meadows! A Vibrant Alternative to Lawn
Wilton, CT
October 1:Invasive Plant Symposium (NOFA Sponsored)
UCONN, Storrs
October 1:UMASS Extension's Walkabouts: Weeds and Trees & Shrub Diseases
Amherst, MA

NOFA and AOLCPs in the News...

July 28, 2008 - Darien Times - "Five Mile River group urges cooperation, education
for floodplains"


Also of Interest...

'Safe' Pesticides Now First in Poisonings!-Read new report on pyrethrins and pyrethroids
based on EPA data
Using Nematodes to Control White Grubs: Nematode FAQs & How to Use them Most Effectively in Grub Control
Effectiveness of Compost Tea- Compost Tea: Examining the Science Behind the Claims; download a report by WSU extension
Grow Your Own Edible Landscape- Evidence of the timeliness of foodscaping!



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