August 2009
Discount Expires August 12 for Compost Tea Workshop - Vote on Update Course Topics  - Third and Final 2009 NOFA Advanced Workshop -  AOLCPs in Action - CT NOFA's 2009 Gardener Education Workshop - Refresh your Knowledge
of NOFA's Standards - Also of Interest - AOLCP Credit Opportunities
 Discount Expires
August 12 for NOFA  Compost Tea Workshop

August 2009
Discount Expires August 12 for NOFA Compost Tea Workshop
Vote on Update Course Topics
Third and Final 2009 Advanced Workshop
AOLCPs in Action!
CT NOFA's 2009 Gardener Education Workshop
Refresh your knowledge of NOFA's Standards
Also of Interest
Credit Opportunities
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Discount Expires August 12 for NOFA Compost Tea Workshop!

Register before midnight on
August 12 to receive an additional $35 discount (reducing the total cost to AOLCPs to $150) for the advanced workshop, Producing and Applying Actively Aerated Compost Teas

Peter Schmidt2Peter Schmidt of Compostwerks, LLC, leads this presentation
on September 2 at the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, Pocantico Hills, NY (Westchester County).  For further information and registration, visit our website.

To get an idea of how informative and fun an Advanced Workshop can be, don't miss this video of the
July 8 Pruning Workshop. 

Vote on this year's Update Course Topics! 

What topics interest you? 
Would you like to recommend a presenter? 

Here are some ideas for topics and potential presenters for the annual Update Course for NOFA Accredited Professionals, offered by NOFA's Organic Land Care Program.   Please email Carol with your top 5 picks, rating them on a scale from 1-4, 1 being your top choice.  Also, feel free to suggest new topics and/or presenters.  Please type in the subject line of your email "Update Course - Top Picks."
      (building on the Advanced Pruning Workshop)
        Kevin Smith, U.S. Dept. Agr.
    Forest Service
        Mike Nadeau, OLC Committee
    Chuck Sherzi, AOLCP
        Stacey Marcel, AOLCP
        T. Fleisher, Director of Horticulture, Battery         Parks Conservancy
        David Wolfe,Cornell University
        Jose Amador, U.Rhode Island
        Zoe Cardon,Woods Hole  Mass
    Which trees attract which birds, insects (pollinators)?  Native plants.
       Will Cullina, Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens
         Doug Tallamy, U. of Delaware
         Glen Dreyer, Connecticut College
         Richard Lighty, PhD, Founding Dir., Mt Cuba
         Dale Hendricks, North Creek Nurseries
         Larry Weaner
        Carole A. Cheah, Valley Laboratory, CAES
          Donna Ellis, U. of Connecticut
        Alex Moch, certified installer and consultant
         Thomas Wirth, Landscape Architect,
         John Todd, New Alchemy Institute
         Cole Burell, green roof specialist 
         Margaret Miner, Rivers Alliance of CT
         Nancy Stoner, Natural Resources Defense
         Don Franczyk, Baystate Organic Certifiers
  • RESEARCH UPDATES (two to four) -- short "research updates " on topics like natural and biological control of ticks, the Asian Longhorn Beetle and/or similarly evolving threats and treatment procedures.  Perhaps mile-a-minute vine could be discussed here.

    It is important to us to know what you think! Please respond to Carol.  Thanks.

Third and Final 2009 Advanced Workshop Now Scheduled

The Advanced Workshop on Organic Invasive Removal
will take place on September 23 at Ghiloni Park, Marlborough, MA. 

Get out into the field with leading expert Donald Bishop for a hands-on workshop on organic invasive removal!

       Don Bishop               
Don Bishop, is a member of the 
Massachusetts Invasive Plants Advisory Group. He is an industry leader on organic invasive removal and has been contracted for numerous large-scale organic invasive removal projects. Register online before September 8 to receive the early- bird discount, which will reduce the course cost for AOLCPs to $150.

Here's another chance to view a video that shows how the July 8 Pruning Workshop unfolded.

Lawn & Turf Course

There is still time to register for the CT Lawn & Turf Course that will meet on August 20 in Windsor, CT .
To register, visit our website, or you may email or call Ashley Kremser at 203-888-5146.


AOLCPs in Action!

Alan Bender presented "Eco Friendly treatments for Lawns & Shrubs" to the River Oaks Garden Club in Memphis, TN and will continue to educate his southern neighbors on organic land care in upcoming lectures.

Dori Smith
presented "Harmony in the Garden" to the
the Lakeville Garden Club on July 30, stressing her 'whole earth' approach to environmentally sensitive landscape design that reconnects humans with nature.

Gwyn Warner's blog provides her clients with an attractive and informative resource.  Check it out!  

Sanne Kure-Jensen
continues to promote organic land and bee care, most recently at the Edward King House in Newport, RI on July 29.

Please let us share in your accomplishments by letting Carol know what you are up to! 

Join us for CT NOFA's Last  Gardener Education Workshop
in this Series.

The last workshop for homeowners this season, entitled "Season Extenders and Fall Crops in the Landscape"  will meet from 6 to 8 p.m. on August 18 in Manchester, CT  and on August 20 in Wallingford, Ct .  For more information, visit CT NOFA online or contact Deb Legge at (203) 888-5146.


Refresh your knowledge of NOFA's Standards

From time to time, we will review a NOFA Standard for Organic Land Care to help you keep aware and spread the word.  The first excerpt from the NOFA Standards concerns Split Businesses:

"In cases where the same business offers organic and non-organic land care options, it is crucial that
clients understand clearly whether they are receiving organic or conventional land care services. Printed
business materials and advertising that are directed to the public must clearly distinguish the different
arms of the business.

The NOFA logo must not be displayed on vehicles providing non-organic

Any application equipment used for organic treatments must not also be used for non-organic treatments.
Any materials used in organic land care practices must be stored with adequate separation from nonorganic
materials to prevent cross-contamination."

   Also of Interest

Dealing with Slugs.  Read this article by Paul Tukey for tips on how to deal with slugs.

Speaking of Paul Tukey, check out this article in Turf Magazine about his advocacy of organic practices.

From Vermont to central California, developers are creating subdivisions around organic farms to attract buyers.
Read about the movement in this
New York Times article.

The Native Plant Center at Westchester Community College in Valhalla, New York is the first national affiliate of the  Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.  Their website currently features a rain garden, including design information and illustrations.  This site definitely merits a visit or at least a virtual tour!

Check these two YouTube videos about Raising Healthy Children in a Toxic World. Speakers include Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and doctors from Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York. 
Video 1,  Video 2.

NOFA's  Organic Land Care Program is the grateful recipient of a grant from the Newman's Own Foundation to be used for Growing Organic Landscapes.  Newman's Own Foundation is a private, independent foundation established by Paul L. Newman.  The Foundation continues the commitment of Paul to donate all net profits and royalties earned from the sale of Newman's Own products to charity.  As of June 2009, over $267 million has been donated to thousands of charities around the world.

   AOLCP Credit Opportunities

Please view Credit Opportunities at the Organic Land Care website for further information and useful links.

August 12: Asian Longhorned Beetle; Small Insect-Big Impact - Worcester, MA
August 12: 2009 Turfgrass Selection and Identification Workshop - Amherst, MA
August 12: Ecological Landscaping Association Roundtable - Boylston, MA

Aug. 18: NOFA Organic Lawn & Turf Course - Hillsborough, NJ
Aug. 20: NOFA Organic Lawn & Turf Course - Manchester, CT
August 23: Invasive Identification - Housatonic, MA

Aug. 23 & Sept. 18-20: Field Botany of New England II - Cambridge, MA and Newry, ME
Aug. 25-Sept. 16: Tennessee Carbon Farming Course Series - Summertown, TN
August 29:
The Sustainable Home and Landscape: Field Study- Ashfield, MA
September 2: NOFA Advanced Workshop--Aerated Compost Teas - Pocantico Hills, NY
Sept. 9 - Oct. 21: Green Roofs and Rain Gardens - Landscape Inst., Boston, MA
Sept. 9 - Oct. 21: Trees in the Landscape - Landscape Inst., Boston, MA

Sept. 9-Dec. 9: Ground Rules and the Sustainable Environment - Landscape Inst., Boston, MA
Sept. 9 - Dec. 16: Sustainable & Green tech. in residential design- Landscape Inst., Boston, MA
Sept. 10 - Dec. 10: The Small Sustainable Farm - Landscape Inst., Boston, MA
Sept. 17 & 20: Fall Wildflowers: Confusing Composites - Chevy Chase, MD
September 23: NOFA Advanced Workshop --Organic Invasive Removal - Marlborough, MA
September 26: Sustainable Gardens at Perkins School - Watertown, MA
September 27: Native Seed Harvesting - Housatonic, MA
October 4: Seed-saving: keeping your favorites for next year - Gill, MA
October 21: Creating Your Own Year-Round Vegetable Garden - Chevy Chase, MD
October 28: Harvesting and Harnessing Rainwater at Home - Chevy Chase, MD
November 4: How to Build a Rain Garden - Chevy Chase, MD
Nov. 4, 2009 - Feb. 11, 2010: Sustainable Site Engineering- Landscape Inst., Boston, MA
Nov. 9 - Dec. 21: Green Roofs and Rain Gardens - Landscape Inst., Boston, MA
Ongoing: Natural Turf Pro, Professional Landscaper DVD Training and written test.

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