July 2009
NOFA's 2009 Lawn & Turf Course - Earn AOLCP Re-accreditation at NOFA Summer Conference - NOFA Advanced Workshop - Writers Sought for ProGrow News - AOLCPs in Action - NOFA Organic Land Care Guide - AOLCP Credit Opportunities - CT NOFA's Final 2009 Gardener Education Workshop  -  Also of Interest:  A Chemical Reaction
 NOFA's Lawn & Turf Course

July 2009
NOFA's Lawn & Turf Course
Earn AOLCP Re-accreditation Credits at the NOFA Summer Conference
NOFA Advanced Workshop
Writers Sought for ProGrowNews
AOLCPs in Action!
Final 2009 CT Gardener Education Workshop
Also of Interest
Credit Opportunities
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 NOFA 5th Annual
Organic Lawn & Turf Course!
Don't miss an opportunity to attend NOFA's Lawn & Turf Course this summer!

It will be offered in...
  • Amherst, MA on August 7
    (at the Summer Conference)
  • Hillsborough, NJ on August 18 
  • Manchester, CT on August 20
NEW THIS YEAR! The course will include a special section on Water Management and OLC Class Photo 09Conservation. There will also be plenty of time for Q&A and networking.Lunch is provided.

For registration and scheduling information, visit our website.

Earn AOLCP Re-accreditation Credits at the NOFA Summer Conference

2009 Summer ConferenceEarn your required re-accreditation credits for 2010 by attending the NOFA Summer Conference, Aug. 7-9, 2009 at UMass Amherst!

Several workshops in each time slot have been approved for re-accreditation credits. (Click on the link below under "AOLCP Credit Opportunities" to view them.) If you're planning to attend the NOFA Organic Lawn & Turf Course at UMass Amherst as well, stay for the whole weekend of festivities -- workshops, exhibitors, vendors, a country fair, dancing, live music and even organic beverages! Register at the Summer Conference website, where you can view the diverse list of all the exciting workshops!

NOFA Advanced Workshop

On September 2nd,  Peter Schmidt of Compostwerks, LLC, will present Producing and Applying Actively Aerated Compost Teas at the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, Pocantico Hills, NY (Westchester County).  For further information and registration, visit the OLC website.

         Writers Sought for  

MNLA logoMassachusetts Nursery and Landscape Association, Inc.

Do you like to write? Want to share your knowledge of organic land care with MNLA's membership and similar audiences?

MNLA has a new magazine called "ProGrowNews" and they are seeking articles of an organic bent for future issues. ProGrowNews is a professional publication and they are looking for articles of instruction, opportunities, and new ideas. NOFA can be a great resource to MNLA with your help!

Here are some suggestions of articles MNLA would like to see: (these are just some ideas that the magazine committee has identified that they would like to run with, they are open to other suggestions as well). 
  • A scientific look at organics vs. synthetics
  • How to add an organic lawn care program to your company services
  • The how-to steps of organic lawn care and the grasses that make it look easy
  • The how-to of organic gardening and the best plants for success
  • The value of adding organics to your professional portfolio
  • The value proposition of organics and customer service, "your bottom line."
  • Building an organic garden (lawn) for the customer who wants it "now"!
  • Ecological solutions to lawn care 
If you're interested, contact Kathy Litchfield by email or telephone (413-773-3830) for a copy of the writers' guidelines and some more information. Thanks very much!

AOLCPs in Action!

At CT NOFA's June 27 farm tour...
CTNOFA 09 Farm tour AOLCP Vonne Whittleton of Vonne's Victory Gardens in Westport, describes her work helping homeowners install vegetable gardens to OLC Accreditation Manager Carol Hannon, and OLC Program
(Carol, Vonne, and Ashley)
           Manager Ashley Kremser.

Please let Carol know if you too are including the installation of vegetable gardens in your work.  Thanks.

Credit Opportunities offered by AOLCPs

Special appreciation is due to NOFA Accredited Organic Land Care Professionals who generously share their expertise and experience with colleagues and the public.

Upcoming events include: Sanne Kure-Jensen on July 23; Marie Stella, July 31 to August 13 and August 29;
Ingrid Wheeler, monthly through September; Dawn Pavone on August 1, Peter Schmidt on September 2,  and Sonia Baerhuk on Sept. 26.  In addition, at the NOFA Summer Conference, presenters include AOLCPs Bernadette Giblin, Ruth Green, Dawn Pavone, Peter Schmidt, Marie Stella and Stephanie White.

Very many thanks to all!

Please see credit opportunities below and at our website for detailed descriptions of these presentations.

Earth Groomers Newsletter--first edition
Steven Davidson, President of Earth Groomers Inc. has published his first "Lawn and Landscape Newsletter,"  highlighting landscape trends, shrub care, and reasons for pruning.  Contact Steve by email if you would like to subscribe.

Final 2009 CT NOFA Gardener
 Education Workshop      
This final workshop for homeowners on organic methods of gardening will meet from 6 to 8 p.m. in Manchester, CT on August 18 and in Wallingford, Ct on August 20.  For more information, visit CT NOFA online or contact Deb Legge at (203) 888-5146.

OLC Class Photo 09

     NOFA's OLC Guide
OLC Class Photo 09

Please email Deb or call the CT NOFA Office (203-888-5146) if you would like to receive copies of The 2009-2010 edition of the NOFA OLC Guide for yourself and your clients. 

   Also of Interest
A Chemical Reaction is a documentary movie scheduled for release in September 2009 that tells the story of one of the most powerful and effective community initiatives in the history of North America.

It started with one lone voice in 1984.  Dr. June Irwin, a dermatologist, noticed a connection between her patients' health conditions and their exposure to chemical pesticides and herbicides.  With relentless persistence she brought her concerns to town meetings to warn her fellow citizens that the chemicals they were putting on their lawns posed severe health risks and had unknown side effects on the environment.

Visit the movie's website or go to
You Tube and search for "A Chemical Reaction Trailer" to preview this film.

Plant Science Day at The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station  will offer pesticide credits (3.5 h, all categories) on August 5, 2009, at  Lockwood Farm, 890 Evergreen Avenue, Hamden, CT  06518-236. There are no fees to attend and no pre-registration is required. Follow this link for the schedule: 
Plant Science Day.

   AOLCP Credit Opportunities

Please view Credit Opportunities at the Organic Land Care website for further information and useful links.

July 16: Organic Property Care - Granby, CT
July 16 & 18: Intro. to Ferns and Fern Allies - Chevy Chase, MD

July 17-25: New England Plant Communities - Athol, MA
July 18: Fern Glenn - Winchendon, MA
July 19: One Acre in the Woods - Chesterfield, MA
July 21: NOFA On-Farm Workshop at Gilbertie's Herbs - Easton, CT
July 22: MNLA/MFGA--The Great Ideas Summer Conference - Dartmouth, MA
July24-26 & August 13-15: Field Botany of New England - Cambridge, MA and Newry, ME
July 24-29: Int'l. Soc. of Arboriculture Conf. - Providence, RI
July 31-Aug. 13: The Sustainable Home and Landscape -Ashfield, MA and Cambridge, MA
Aug.1: Medicinal Herbs with Dawn Pavone - Boxborough, MA
Aug.7-9: NOFA Summer Conference - Amherst, MA
Aug. 7: NOFA Organic Lawn & Turf Course - Amherst, MA
Aug. 12: Turfgrass Selection  &ID Workshop - Amherst, MA
Aug.12: Ecol. Landscaping Assoc. Roundtable - Boylston, MA

Aug. 18: NOFA Organic Lawn & Turf Course - Hillsborough, NJ
Aug. 20: NOFA Organic Lawn & Turf Course - Manchester, CT
Aug. 23 & Sept. 18-20: Field Botany of New England II - Cambridge, MA and Newry, ME
Aug. 29: The Sustainable Home and Landscape: Field Study - Ashfield, MA
Sept. 2: NOFA Advanced Workshop--Aerated Compost Teas - Pocantico Hills, NY

Ongoing: Natural Turf Pro, Professional Landscaper DVD Training and written test.

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