May 2009
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May 2009
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NOFA Announces its 1st Annual Advanced Workshop Series

Created in response to the demand for more in-depth
and hands-on education; the NOFA OLC Program has put together 3 workshops that will take place this summer.

Workshops within this series are designed to be conducted in small groups in an outdoor setting and led by experts in the topic.  Don't miss out on this unique experience to work one on one with highly experienced NOFA AOLCPs.

July 8: Pruning Woody Trees & Shrubs at Beardsley Zoo,                  Bridgeport, CT
Put on your gloves for this unique experience to prune side by side with Mike Nadeau!
Get out into the field with leading expert Donald Bishop for a workshop on organic invasive removal!

For more information
visit the NOFA OLC website at:

NOFA Organic Lawn & Turf Course
at the Summer Conference!

August 7-9 at UMass-Amherst

For the first time ever, the NOFA Organic Lawn & Turf Course will be held during the NOFA Summer Conference on Friday, August 7, from 8 am to 5 pm.

Registrants for the Amherst, MA Organic Lawn & Turf Course who also register for the Saturday/Sunday NOFA Summer Conference will receive a $30 discount on combined registration fees.

The Summer Conference Ad/Exhibit Form (as well as the registration form) are available as downloadable PDF files at the Summer Conference website. Visit today and help make history at the NOFA Summer Conference... while having a ton of fun! introducing your products and services to landscape professionals!

2009 Summer Conference
An Opportunity to Exhibit:
A great opportunity awaits you at the NOFA Summer Conference if you are a retailer of organic products for the landscape industry, or if you'd like to promote your business or services at an
                               exhibit booth or via an advertisement!

In addition to earning your re-accreditation credits during the full Summer Conference weekend of workshops, you could be

We expect many landscapers to stay for the entire weekend to attend OLC-track workshops. The exhibitor tent is always an exhilarating place, full of learning opportunities and things to purchase to enhance your farming and/or landscaping endeavors.

Register for the NOFA Organic Lawn & Turf Course
MA,CT and NJ

You are invited to attend the Fifth Annual NOFA Organic Lawn & Turf Course!

In addition to the course being offered at the NOFA Summer Conference in Amherst, MA on August 7, the NOFA Lawn and Turf course will be offered at Duke Farm in Hillsborough, NJ on August 18 and at Manchester Community College, Manchester, CT  on August 20.

Organic Lawn & Turf Care...

focuses on building healthy soil that supports the growth of  
   strong, tough turfgrass;
eliminates the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers;
reduces the need for irrigation by promoting the growth of
   extensive root systems in soil with higher organic matter;
reduces risks to children and pets from pesticides; and
responds to increasing environmental awareness and consumer
   concerns about pesticides and fertilizers.

The class will meet from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at all sites
Course Fees: $150 for first person from firm/town
                    $125 each additional person
Fees include lunch and the NOFA Organic Lawn & Turf Handbook: Beautiful Grass Naturally.

URGENT!  AOLCP Search is Active!

Homeowners have already begun to access
our new online searchable database of accredited professionals, which has replaced the online directory at our website.

Have you updated your profile? 
AOLCP Search is an extremely valuable tool that can connect you with potential clients searching for an Accredited Professional in their area.
This very important opportunity must not be missed. Act now!

Please refer to the primer for instructions, then log-in to create your profile.


If you need help, call (203) 888-5146 or email Carol or Ashley.

   AOLCP Credit Opportunities

Please view Credit Opportunities at the Organic Land Care website for further information and useful links:

May 28: Stamford's Sustainable Gardening Expo - Stamford, CT
May 30: Mysterious Mosses - Redding, CT

May 30: Gardens of a Co-Housing Community - Acton, MA
June 3: Inland Wetland Plant Identification - UMass-Amherst
June 10: Identifying Inland Wetland Soils - UMass-Amherst
June 3-Aug.26: Plant Identification in New England - Cambridge, MA
July 24-26 & Aug.13-15: Field Botany of New England , MA & ME
August 1: Medicinal Herbs with Dawn Pavone - Boxborough, MA
August 7-9: NOFA Summer Conference - Amherst, MA
August 7: NOFA Organic Lawn & Turf Course - Amherst, MA
August 18: NOFA Organic Lawn & Turf Course - Hillsborough, NJ
August 20: NOFA Organic Lawn & Turf Course - Manchester, CT
August 23 & Sept. 18-20: Field Botany of New England II - MA & ME
October 4: Seed-saving: keeping your favorites for next year with
                  Laughing Dog Farm's Dan Botkin - Gill, MA

Ongoing: Natural Turf Pro, Professional Landscaper DVD Training and written test.
Connecticut NOFA Announces its 1st Annual Garden Tour
OLC Class Photo 09Thank you to present and former AOLCPs who volunteered their gardens and their clients gardens:

-Clemence Corriveau
-Dianne Parmelee
-Jennifer Boyd-Mullineaux
-Bettylou Sandy
-Barbara Schlein
-Laurie Waite
-Vonne Whittleton

The tour takes place on Saturday, June 13, 2009 from 10 am to 3 pm
Rain or shine.  Tour cost -$20.

A variety of gardens will be featured that include edibles, herbs and vegetables in the landscape, along with flowers, shrubs, ponds and more.  The gardens range from completely established organic gardens and landscapes, to transitioning gardens and gardens in progress.

You may visit as many as you like!
For more information visit or contact Deb Legge at 203-888-5146.
  Get Involved! Help us get the word out!  

Help distribute the printed Guide to Organic Land Care and the NOFA Farm & Food Guide to local libraries, Town Halls, health food stores, nurseries, and garden centers!  To request copies for yourself or more to distribute, contact Deb at the CT NOFA office.

CT NOFA's "Home Gardener Education Project," has held several successful and well attended workshops, which will continue through August.  If you would like to help distribute brochures about this new program, please call (203-888-5146) or e-mail Deb for brochures. 

   AOLCPs in Action!

Dori Smith will present "A Sustainable Landscape: Gardens of a Co-Housing Community" at the New England Wild Flower Society on Saturday, May 30.  This is a credit opportunity for AOLCPs.

Ingrid Wheeler of Ingrid's Gardens is presenting monthly workshops for home gardeners from May through September at ROOTS Natural Foods in Leominster, MA. 

Dawn Pavone will share her knowledge of medicinal herbs  on August 1 at the Bird House Garden Center, Boxborough, MA.

Look for AOLCP colleagues at the NOFA Summer Conference, where several are presenting... including Bernadette Giblin, Peter Schmidt, Marie Stella, and Stephanie White.

   Also of Interest 

Nantucket Land Council Supports Organic Land Care Professionals with Educational Scholarships

Nantucket Land Council logo

In an effort to encourage organic gardening, the Nantucket Land Council  has given over $20,000 in scholarships to local landscapers to attend the NOFA 5-day course and become accredited in organic practices. 

The Nantucket Land Council website to learn more about their work. A list of 2008-09 scholarship recipients may be found in the NLC publication, entitled Our Gardens Our Water.

Westchester Bans Phosphorus in Lawn Fertilizers

On April 27, 2009, the Westchester County Board approved a local law banning the sale and use of lawn fertilizer containing phosphorus within the county. A phase-in period will allow suppliers and retail stores to sell off their existing stock. The no-phosphorus fertilizers are required to be introduced in Westchester markets by January 2011. To minimize nutrient run-off that can result from other components in fertilizer, such as nitrogen, the law also prohibits any lawn fertilizer applications between December 1 and April 1.  Please read this news release for the rationale behind this decision.

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