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November 2008

Home Depot to Carry Organic Fertilizer
Get Involved!
For Municipal Workers
AOLCP Credit Opportunities
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Home Depot to Carry Organic Fertilizer

An article from MarketWatch announced that the Home Depot will start carrying organic
fertilizer from 'Converted Organics' by Spring 2009. Stores in Massachusetts, New
Hampshire, Connecticut and New York will carry the product.
"The Home Depot(R)
opportunity represents a tremendous chance to expand the availability of
high-quality organic fertilizer to consumers,"
said Edward J. Gildea, President of Converted Organics. "That
The Home Depot(R) would agree to carry our Lawn
and Turf fertilizer is a significant event for Converted Organics. We
are completing the steps necessary to enable our product to be carried
in 64 stores in the northeast, and we expect to receive a completed
order for product in January of 2009."
"The Home Depot(R) stores that will carry
Converted Organics' Lawn and Turf fertilizer
are located in an area of the country where consumers have consistently
shown strong support for organic lawn care."

"The northeast is one of the most active
organic markets in the United States," said
Mr. Gildea. "We are very excited about having
our all-natural fertilizer product available to consumers through one of
the most visible home improvement retailers in the world."

Read more from from the article.

Get Involved! Volunteer Opportunities

Help Make the OLC Program Accessible to Everyone!
Although Spanish- and Portuguese- speaking immigrants make up a large percentage
of the profession they are underrepresented in our organic land care courses. To
actively engage this group we propose to:

1. Translate, print, and distribute our training materials
2. Engage in both extensive outreach and individualized support
3. Network with immigrant business resources
4. Seek scholarship grants to defray course fees. We are looking for an AOLCP who
would volunteer to spearhead this project to attract and hold Spanish and Portuguese
immigrants! If you are interested or would like more information contact Ashley
Kremser at akremser@ctnofa.org [mailto:akremser@ctnofa.org]

NY AOLCPs - Speaking Invitation & Volunteers Needed!
If you're an AOLCP in New York state and might be interested in serving on the Client
Relations Panel of the 8th annual NOFA 5-day Accreditation Course in organic Land
Care, please contact Kathy Litchfield at (413) 773-3830 or kathylitch29@yahoo.com

In addition to earning two of your four required re-accreditation credits for 2010,
you'll be helping to make history! The first-ever NY 5-day accreditation course
will be held Feb. 17-20 and 23, 2009 at Birch Hill in Schodack, NY (15 min. from
Albany). We'd love to have one or two AOLCPs from the state participate to share
their first-hand knowledge and experience with our students.

The Client Relations Panel is structured with the students writing questions on
slips of paper, which are reviewed and categorized by panel members, who pass the
mic around and answer as many questions as possible within one hour's time.
Kathy is also looking for volunteers to help out during the course, with registration,
materials distribution, catering assistance and daily coffee/tea maintenance. Please
let Kathy know if this sounds like fun to you! Thanks so much!

Workshops For Municipal Workers:

Organic Turf Management Course
NOFA invites Schoolgrounds Keepers and Municipal Workers to an Organic Turf Management
Course tailored to their needs
Date: November 20
Time: 7:45 - 4:30
Location: Jones Auditorium, New Haven, CT
Cost: $50
Credits: 4 AOLCP Credits
Learn to:

* Successfully transition to Organic Management

* Create healthy, durable turf

* Manage and budget for a natural program

* Comply with Connecticut's new legislation extending to athletic fields July 2009
To register: Call 203-888-5146 or register online
For more information: Print out a brochure
or visit the website

Let's Talk Turf: Organic Lawns
An interactive roundtable discussion co-sponsored by the Ecological Landscaping
Association and the NOFA OLC Program
Date: January 28, 2009 (snow date Jan. 29)
Time: 1:00 -3:30 pm
Location: Doyle Conservation Center, 464 Abbott Ave, Leominister, MA
Cost: $25 for ELA members and NOFA AOLCPs; $35 for non-members
Credits: 2.5 AOLCP credits
During this workshop, Osborne and Giblin will discuss what organic
lawns entail in terms of installation, maintenance and management,
transitioning from conventional to organic lawns, what organic can and
can't do, how to sell organic to a client/meeting expectations,
realistic costs of organic. They will also share successes and failures
they've experienced in the industry.
For more information or a registration form: Call Kathy Sargent-O'Neill at (508)
759-5177 of ELA (or email ksoland@verizon.net), or
Kathy Litchfield, at (413) 773-3830 of NOFA (or email kathylitch29@yahoo.com)

AOLCP Credit Opportunities

Controlling Insects and Diseases in Nursery Stock
Date: November 19, 2008
Speakers: Tom Durkis, State Entomologist and Chris Rallis, Entomologist NH Department
of Agriculture, Division of Plant Industry
Time: 3:00-5:30 pm
Location: Millican Nurseries, 187 Pleasant Street, Chichester, NH Directions
Fee: $25.00 ELA Members; $35 Non-members
Description: Tom
Durkis, N.H. State Entomologist and Chris Rallis, Entomologist, NH
Dept. of Agriculture, Division of Plant Industry will present
information about insect and disease pests that are affecting the New
England nursery and landscape industries currently or in the not to
distant future.
After review of these invaders and their impact on the landscape, Mr.
Durkis and Mr. Rallis will discuss what is being done via quarantine,
regulations, and IMP programs at nurseries and by landscapers to
control the impact of these pests in New England and to help prevent
future expansion into other areas, whether it be within a particular
state or into other states.
Credits:1.5 AOLCP credits
Registration:Call (617) 436-5838 to pre-register. Walk-ins are welcome. Payment
at the door is by cash or check only.

Winter Moth Invasion of New England
Date: December 2, 2008
Speaker: Join Dr. Joseph S. Elkinton, Professor of Entomoloy at Umass
Amherst, for tea and a lecture on the Winter Moth. Dr. Elkinton
conducts research on population dynamics and biological controls of
invasive forest insects. More recent projects focus on the population
dynamics of browntail moth, hemlock wooly adelgid, elongate hemlock
scale and winter moth. He is currently involved with efforts to
introduce predatory beetles to control hemlock woolly adelgid and a
tachinid parasitoid to control winter moth.
Time: Tea 10:30 & the lecture is from 11:00 to 12:00 pm
Location: Jones Auditorium, CT Agricultural Experiment Station Directions
Description: The Winter Moth has caused major defoliation of deciduous trees in
eastern Massachusetts. The larvae of the moth feed on many deciduous
trees and shrubs including oak, apple, elm, maple, ash, crabapple,
cherry, and blueberry. Winter Moth has been identified by Joe Elkinton
in traps set by Victoria Smith in southeastern Connecticut. This moth
could become an important pest in Connecticut.
Credits: 1 AOLCP credit
For more information: download the flyer
Upcoming Credit Opportunities:

November 19: Controlling Insects and Diseases in Nursery Stock
Chichester, NH
November 20: Organic Turf Management Workshop
New Haven, CT
December 1:Understanding Plant Preferences: How Plants Adapt in the Wild and in
our Gardens

Conway, MA
December 2:Winter Moth Invasion of New England
New Haven, CT
For the full list of current credit opportunities click here

NOFA and AOLCPs in the News...

October 10, 2008 - The Hartford Courant - "Prevention Can Ensure Healthy Trees"
October 23, 2008 - The Barnstable Patriot - "Family Farm Day Sure to Get your Goat"
October 28, 2008 - SPROUT! The CT College Sustainable Food Initiative - "Winter Growing Workshop at Tobacco Farm"

Also of Interest...

An Evening with Michael Pollan -Notes on a 2 hour lecture by Michael Pollan, author of The Omnivores Dilemma &
In Defense of Food.
The WhoFarm - a traveling organization trying to implement an organic farm on the grounds of the White House
Gobble It Up - Three paths towards a green and tasty Thanksgiving



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