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Award-Winning Organic Turfgrass at the University of Texas at Austin 
By Kathy Litchfield

AUSTIN, TEXAS - Someone once asked Mike Wallick if he knew what an "expert" was. The answer he received was "someone more than 50 miles from home, with a briefcase."

As West Campus Supervisor for Landscape Services at the University of Texas at Austin for the last seven years, Wallick knows that diplomas and degrees carry weight. His brand new NOFA accreditation (PA course, 2013) is increasing his credibility not only among his colleagues and superiors, but within the greater Austin community.

"Becoming accredited is the career accomplishment I am most proud of, as it reveals a holistic approach to the concept of 'land care' and outlines the program for us to align ourselves with the natural processes at work and/or help to restore those processes," he said.

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Announcing Upcoming Programs!


Send your Employees or Lawn Care Company to the next: 

NOFA Organic Lawn Care Certificate Course
Thursday, March 27
Connecticut College, Crozier-Williams College Center

New London, CT  

This is a low-cost opportunity to learn about organic lawns before the season starts. The textbook is included and our best NOFA teachers will be there presenting - Chip Osborne, Frank Crandall, Judy Preston, Bernadette Giblin and Tom Barry.  

4 AOLCP credits are available to AOLCPs looking to refresh their lawn care knowledge, too.

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Course Agenda.
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Photo: Catherine Zimmerman 

Thursday, April 3

Audubon Greenwich

613 Riversville Road

Greenwich, CT 06831

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Part I  
Embracing Organic Land Care - One Design at a a Time Roots...

By: Michael McCleese, AOLCP

Twenty-five years ago I took a job on a landscape crew as an out of shape, burned out social worker.  It was a particularly hot summer and I'll never forget what it was like hefting 24" balled and burlapped boxwoods out of a trailer onto a planting bed.  I was used to carrying a pager, talking on the telephone, and having long lunches with co-workers.  Landscaping was tough. The sun was brutally hot. The work was hard and physically demanding. Sweat and grime soaked my clothes and at the end of the day; I was really, truly hungry.
As the weeks passed, leathery calluses began to replace the blisters on my soft palms.  I noticed something else that summer while I dug holes and mulched and edged and planted. As the calluses got tougher and my body slimmer, I started seeing colors in the garden, not just green, but 40 kinds of green and 20 kinds of yellow and lavender and blue!  I began to notice venation in leaves and that some shrubs and trees had exfoliating bark on their limbs and trunks.  Then the big surprise, I started noticing shapes and textures and grade changes in the landscape. Amazing! A garden designer was born!


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Weekly, Informative Conference Calls

Join the Chat Series!

As part of the Long Island Sound Future Fund Grant, we invite all participants from the Organic Lawn Care Courses and all AOLCPs to participate in these weekly, informative CONFERENCE CALLS where long time Organic Land Care Professionals share expertise on how they overcame those early hurdles to grow successful organic land care companies in their local community. Plus, we'll open the discussion up to all your questions.   
The Live Chat series is moderated by Bernadette Giblin and held on
Fridays from 1-2PM EST via tele-conference.
Just dial 605-475-4000 with access code of 351392# 

The following dates are scheduled:
March 7th - Barry Draycott, AOLCP & President of Tech Terra Environmental
March 14th - Glen Abrams, AOLCP & Director of Sustainable Communities at PHS
March 21st - Julie Snell, AOLCP, from TEND Landscape in Philadelphia with her women colleagues
1. Once on the conference line disregard the instruction to announce yourself.  
2. Press Star (*) 6 to mute and un-mute your phone, such as during the Q&A session.
3. The host of the Live Chat will moderate the discussion and the Q&A session at the end of the call. 

If you can't make the calls, you can always find previously recorded chats in the series at

Thanks for being part of the movement to bring organic land care to your local community!
Standards Revision Rescheduled TBD


Due to our full event calendar, we are postponing the revision of the Standards so we may carefully and thoroughly review and study any changes to OLC's core document.

We continue to invite your suggestions and ideas, which will be compliled via our online form. Two areas which we plan to address are the Emergency Non-organic Rescue Treatment - should it stay or should it go?- and defining qualifications for high-quality organic compost.

Click here for the online form.  Thank you for your patience. 
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